About Us

About Us

20150331_141710Offering sweet opportunities for customers to be refreshed and renewed by an amazing yet affordable spa experience is how Micheline Epstein and her partner Joshua Golembesky approach the service side of their new salon, The Bronze Adonis Spa.

Practically speaking, they decided to open the business with an eye on the future to make an investment toward their retirement, but they also wanted their business to really help people feel good. Joshua has worked many years as both a construction contractor and a wind turbine technician, and he wanted to pursue a business venture that would offer people a way to relax and rejuvenate. So about a year ago, he and Micheline built their salon from the ground up at a warehouse site in Brewer. Being located in a fun and artsy area is a natural boost for their business and includes a nearby hair salon, yoga studio, antique store and dance studio. An area railway closed which reduced the outdoor noise level, and the spa is in a busy spot close to the bustling city of Bangor and lots of traffic.

The Bronze Adonis Spa officially opened for business at the end of March this year, with the owners having strong intentions to distinguish their business from larger competing salons. They do that by focusing on a more personal and professional atmosphere that offers something for everyone yet without any added pressures or expectations of their guests. “We offer a clean, upscale salon experience,” Micheline said. “We have level 2 and 3 tanning units, which we did because we don’t want to be a run-of-the-mill tanning place. We’re a day spa and we offer flexible appointment times, too.” They are happy to accommodate people who work late, such as bartenders and waitresses who like to use their shower and spa facilities after getting out of work. “I’ve got a beautiful shower,” Micheline said. “People can come in after work for red-light therapy or an aqua massage session, and then enjoy a UV or spray-tan.”

The aqua massage and spray-tan services at The Bronze Adonis Spa are very popular, and the owners note that people appreciate the reasonable prices for Beauty Angel red light therapy. Joshua and Micheline have welcomed several guests who are battling cancer to benefit from the positive and relaxing effects of aqua massage. Aqua massage helps anyone who wants to relieve sore muscles and tension. “It gives them 15 minutes of unbelievable relaxation,” Micheline said.

The Bronze Adonis Spa had a slow start but is doing well as more people have learned about its services and convenient location. Joshua said they have worked very hard to get the business going. “I didn’t expect it to be as expensive as it was,” he said, noting the taxation and construction and equipment requirements necessary for starting up. They are trained through Sun Is Life® and continue to work on getting the public to recognize their business through networking and other publicity initiatives. They are improving their signage and have begun a big radio ad campaign as well as ads on a local TV station that invite viewers to call the station and receive a gift certificate for half price. They also advertise through convenient touch-screen kiosks at a local hotel which provides hotel guests with current information and coupons for their spa services. The owners also decided not to offer monthly EFT memberships. They’re hoping that these strategies combined will help spread the word about their business and encourage people to come and visit. “People just love the premises,” Micheline said. “I don’t push anything. Our goals are to have a lot of people come and be refreshed and revitalized and keep coming back.”


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