Aqua Massage


Dry, water massage. Jets of water that you control: pressure, pulsation, and position. You do not get wet! Highly addictive! Try it–you will like it!


  • $2.00/minute
  • 100 minutes for $1.80/minute
  • 200 minutes for $1.75/minute
  • 500 minutes for $1.50/minute


Built in Groton, CT with 25 years experience. Established in over 90 countries worldwide. We are the only spa to offer Aqua Massage in Maine!

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Our premiere spa treatment is our Aqua Massage bed.  A “dry” water massage!  36 jets that let YOU control the pressure, pulsation, and position.  This method of massage is available to all. Most will lay face down and enjoy the jets of 92 degree water, but you may also position yourselves face up.  Our machine is equipped with turbo massage for those looking for a more intense deep tissue massage.  We can also set the jets for a more relaxing lymphatic massage. We have discovered the exceptional renewing capabilities of the world’s best dry water massage system.
Featured on the TODAY show, used by sports teams and athletes, on military bases, and oil rigs… Aqua Massage is a unique experience. Come in and try it!

Aqua Massage - The Bronze Adonis Spa

Aqua Massage

“Improving the Quality of Life Through Physical Medicine”

Since 1989 Aqua Massage International has set the standard in Dry Water Massage Technology.

Our dedication to excellence has created the leading product in the market worldwide. The Aqua Massage Spa combines advanced computer technology and engineering to give the ultimate in automated massage. More than 20,000 individuals in over 70 countries experience and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Aqua Massage every day.

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Aqua Massage includes pre-programmed and customizeable profiles designed to meet your needs, whether it is relaxation, targeted pain relief, or both! Click here to learn more (pdf).


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Riverbed Aqua Massage has become a notable component of The National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches 6-Step Cancer Wipe-Out program.

Our practitioners have experienced Riverbed Aqua Massage and know the positive and therapeutic effects it can have on cancer patients and their healing process.

We have integrated Riverbed Aqua Massage into the 6-Step program and recommend one to three aqua massages per week for cancer patients. Total physiologic meltdown, relieving stress and promoting detoxification and sleep, Riverbed Aqua Massage offers cancer patients massages through the cancer coaching association to show their support for the therapeutic needs of the cancer patient.  National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches love Riverbed Aqua Massage and enjoy it regularly in our own personal regimens.

Jeanette Marshall, BASc RNCP

Director of Education

President, The National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches

“My patients are very happy with the Aqua Massage because it provides both a lot of pain relief and relaxation.  Many say they can finally relax properly and so much more than usual after using the Aqua Massage, and it is needed in stressful everyday life.  Those who seem to benefit the most from Aqua Massage are those with musculoskeletal problems (especially those with myalgia), arthosis and rheumatic patients in particular, whiplash injuries, asthma and COLS cases as well as some sports injuries.

As an expert in Physical Therapy, I believe the Aqua Massage will greatly benefit our field of work especially with musculoskeletal disorders. The Aqua Massage provides pain relief, and the positive feedback is excellent from the vast majority of my patients.

I have not advertised nor marketed this machine and based on my income on my patient base which has shown good economic profit and is constantly improving and my patients are willing to pay to use Aqua Massage. Now I have started to schedule appointments for Aqua Massage for many of my patients!”

Leif Balto, Karasjok Physical Institute / Poland

“My husband has chronic back and leg pain from an injury and deteriorating lower discs.  Over the past 22 months he has seen several doctors, had x-rays, scans, MRI’s, and several types of back injections. None has offered much relief.  The doctors have not been able to provide any treatment that helps. He has been informed this is something he will just have to live with.

We came across your equipment at the state fair.  After only a 5 minute treatment he was impressed with how much better he felt.”


“I just got back from Las Vegas where I tried the bed. WOW! I went to Las Vegas with a severe muscle strain. I almost cancelled the trip. Friends convinced me I would be better the second day. Wrong! I was in such pain I was trying to locate someone to give me a back rub.  No luck!  I was returning to my room and saw the display of three beds in the concourse of my hotel. The attendant quickly responded with the details of the bed. I took a 15 minute ride. The pain was gone! WOW! Two more treatments and the pain was gone. I salvaged the rest of my trip and played golf!”


“I have Fibromyalgia and I’m in so much pain. My son told me about getting a massage in the mall and how good it felt, so I went to the mall and got one and loved it! I live in pain 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and when getting the massage I was pain free! It was unbelievable!”


“I am a registered nurse and I have suffered from arthritis since my early 20’s with no significant relief from many trials of NSAIDS and steroids and chiropractic therapy, physical therapy and you name it. I’ve tried it. I saw the Aqua Massage unit. I tried it once for 15 minutes and had relief for days.”


“I have Fibromyalgia and I use the machine 2-3 times a week. It is the only thing that helps me.”


“My husband suffers with diabetes and always has cramps in his calves (lower legs). He had the Aqua Massage once and to date he has not had any more cramps. After experiencing what the equipment has one to my husband’s health, I would like to share this with the world.”

CR, AB, Canada

“Just to let you know, Aqua Massage has given me some relief. I have had arthritis in my back for over ten years. My days start very slowly after a night’s sleep. I feel I have more energy after loosening up in the machine. I think it is a great concept and plan on telling all my friends.”

Mr. J.L. Herhst, WI

“I am a man in his 50’s. My diagnosis is: cervical DJD – S/P laminectomy and fusion, lumbar DJD, fibromyalgia, subacromial bursitis in my shoulders. In other words, I have arthritis.

I purchased several treatments using the Aqua Massage and found that it relieved some of the pain I have. I went to my arthritis doctor and he gave me a prescription for eight treatments at a physical therapy location.

I purchased the Aqua Massage so I could use it 2 or 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes. My lower back and legs can be hurting so bad that I can’t stand it. Aqua Massage relaxes the muscles and helps the pain. It is a great machine.”

Billy Riley, CA

“I have a multitude of back problems as a result of years riding unruly horses and being a passenger of 2 severe car wrecks. Your machine has been the first affordable relief for the daily back spasms. The fact that it reaches so many areas of the back at once makes a huge difference in how long the treatment lasts. A traditional spot therapy massage lasts a couple of hours and I never could have less than 3 a week and remain limber. One treatment in the Aqua Massage and I am good for at least three days, provided I do not lift or do things that cause whiplash action on my neck.  This is amazing since the last chiropractor told me I would have to marry a chiropractor to get enough help to keep me functioning normally without pain.”

Vicki Maeckle

“Just to let you know, I don’t write testimonials very often. But I had to write to you. I have a movement disorder called Tourette Syndrome, and I tried the Aqua Massage while on vacation with my family in Branson, MO. Three words: OH – MY – GOD!

I can’t tell you the level of blissful relief this gave me. It’s unlike anything I have ever used – ever! It brought me the kind of relief I didn’t think I would ever experience. You have to understand what I am telling you. My condition causes me to shake my head and move my neck in a very painful fashion. I do not sleep well and have the kind of deep down muscle pain and soreness that laughs at pain and sleep medications. But after this massage, the soreness went away, and so did the powerful involuntary urge to shake my head or twist my neck – at least for several hours. I slept that night like I haven’t in 20 years! Again, you just have to understand what I am telling you and how powerful this was for me.

As a newspaper reporter and author I make my living with words. But I have no words to describe the unbelievable level of relief your Aqua Massage brought me – all in 15 minutes, without even having to get wet or undressed!

This is not a luxury for me. This is a necessity! This takes away my suffering. It takes away my agony.

WOW! God bless you for bringing me that relief. Did I tell you it lasted almost half a day!

The best thing? I was able to control the water jets and stop them for as long as I wanted right on my neck! I was in heaven! I just don’t know how else to express to you how wonderful this felt on my head and neck. It took away the insane pain and tension that attacks me every moment of every day!

The Aqua Massage, quite literally, changed my life in 15 minutes! And I just wanted to give you my personal thanks.”


“I am a woman in my nineties living alone for the past 20 years. I have extreme pain from arthritis and a knee replacement surgery I had back in my early 80’s.

I was introduced to Aqua Massage which I now use once a week. I find my pain is less intense, and my week is much easier for me. I do all my own cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping. I also do my front as it really helps take stiffness out of my knees. As you can see I had to write to you to let you know how much better my life is at 90 years old.”

Francis Misoiski, WI

“I am a 40% disabled service connected veteran. I have injuries to my neck and lower back that were sustained while I was on duty in the Army. I have gone through physical therapy utilizing ultrasound/TENS deep muscle therapy, and I am being considered for water therapy to relieve pain and stiffness. I went to the local mall where the Aqua Massage was displayed and I tried it…LOVED IT, and wanted to know whether insurance covers the purchase of a unit for home use or whether my doctor would suggest that I need one. I must say that given my history of injuries, I felt like a new person after just 10 minutes!!!! My husband also gave it a try and didn’t want to get out!!! Please send me some information so that I may show this to my doctor. I truly hope that I may be able to get one!!! Thanks so much.”

LaTasha Voelkel

“Just recently experienced your machine. I have had chronic back pain for months. Your machine took it away in one treatment. I am really impressed.”




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