Beauty Angel


Infrared Body Enhancement

The BEAUTY ANGEL combines Beauty Light, platform-based total body vibration, and specially formulated skin care products to create the ultimate skin enhancing and muscle toning environment. This combination produces multiple effects for lovely skin and a more toned and youthful appearance.

The light energy is a gentle form of stimulation that’s ideal for anybody seeking a more natural, non-invasive way to look and feel great.Beauty Angel - Red Light Treatment

  • Breakthrough approach to anti-aging
  • Helps with mild depression and seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.)
  • Stimulates circulation – blood vessels begin to relax and healthy blood flow is restored
  • Promotes healing of skin, psoriasis, acne, eczema, and scars
  • Easily penetrates the skin
  • Activates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the muscle tissues, releasing more energy for the body to use
  • Muscles and skin appear firm and toned
  • Fights outward appearance of cellulite
  • Relieves tension and relaxes muscles
  • Increases your fitness
  • Speeds metabolism

Beauty Angel Light – Total Body Enhancement


12 minutes in “Beauty Light” (Infrared Light) is known to help rejuvenate the skin and enhance your appearance. The healing strategy in this collagen building session is that it makes use of red-tinted light to stimulate the body’s natural defense system and bring relief from various ailments. Helps to activate ATP, adenosine triphosphate, in the muscle tissues releasing more energy for the body to use. Red light has been known to help: acne, psoriasis, S.A.D., scars, and cellulite. Increases circulation and metabolism while restoring healthy blood flow.


  • 1 Visit: $10
  • Trial 3x/week: $30
  • Build 3x/week for 8 weeks: $240
    • Collagen skin care line is available for half price with the Build package
  • Maintain 1x/week for 4 weeks: $30

Optimum exposure is 2-3 times per week for 8-16 weeks. Come in and get your “glow” on!


Everyone loves the BEAUTY ANGEL! The people that use our products share their enthusiasm for this look great, feel great, total body enhancement system.  From the many testimonials received, we’ve shared a few below. We would like to thank everyone for their encouraging words of support.

“After one month I can tell a difference in the cellulite on the front of my thighs.  For the longest time I didn’t see much change, and now, suddenly, it’s pretty much gone. I am VERY happy with the results.”

Angela – Alpharetta, GA

“I started using it [the BEAUTY ANGEL] back in Dec 2010 and I have to tell you it is the MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!! After the first month, I noticed a huge difference in my skin overall. People have told me it looks and feels like I have “new” skin. I use that booth more than I use any of the tanning beds, that’s how much I absolutely LOVE it!”

Janese – Fairless Hills, PA

“I love the BEAUTY ANGEL! I have been using it and the products for almost 3 weeks now and I have seen a big difference in my face. The laugh lines are almost all gone, and my chin (turkey gobbler) is firming up great thanks to the Focus lotion. I can’t wait to see what firms up next!”

Joanna – Middletown, DE

“The BEAUTY ANGEL is my new best friend!!! I’ve felt better using it over the last few weeks than I have in years!! The pain in my knees is dramatically reduced… my skin is beginning to get that youthful glow again… and the products are simply amazing!! I have become a BEAUTY ANGEL myself.”

Tina – North East, MD

“A car accident left me in pain and on medication for years. I thought I’d try the BEAUTY ANGEL… not expecting the results that I’ve experienced! I am almost pain free and my acne scars are almost non-existent. My husband, who was extremely skeptical, has had to admit the results are AMAZING! I’m a BEAUTY ANGEL fan for life… because it has improved my life!! THANK YOU!!!”

Tonya – Middletown, DE

“I have recently finished eight weeks of red light Beauty Angel treatments at the Bronze Adonis Spa in Brewer and want to share my amazing results! As I continue to maintain my health with only all natural options, I face each day with two autoimmune conditions. Both are thyroid related. I followed the suggested schedule of three, twelve minute treatments each week for the first eight weeks and have seen incredible results! I know for sure that this infrared light treatment did a powerful detox on my body and muscles the very first time because of the headache symptoms that followed, which is common with detoxing. Ingesting plenty of water took care of flushing out the toxins and helped me to feel better right away. And although I know that this treatment keeps up with continuing to detox each time, I have enjoyed that benefit each time with no further headaches as it stays ahead of the toxins now. Beauty Angel red light treatments have also helped to give me, and maintain, an incredible level of energy, not to mention that despite my thyroid conditions, it has increased the level of metabolism I enjoy now! After six treatments, I decided to follow up my red light treatments by having a ten minute session in the Aqua Massage at The Bronze Adonis. WOW! I continued to follow that process of twelve minutes of red light therapy and then ten minutes of Aqua Massage and it made an incredible difference in the level of energy I felt and have maintained throughout the full eight weeks. Personally I would encourage anyone who does the red light Beauty Angel treatment, to always follow up with at least ten minutes of Aqua Massage. The massage helps to work out the toxins that are churned up from red light and then you simply eliminate them by hydrating after your treatments. Additionally, the red light treatments have significantly reduced the appearance of a nasty scar on my arm that I have had for decades, has nearly eliminated a chronic rash symptom that comes and goes on the calf of my leg and has diminished fine lines in my complexion. Please take
a moment to read all of the additional health benefits besides the ones that are specific to my body and conditions, that red light Beauty Angel treatments provide on The Bronze Adonis Spa’s website and remember to couple your treatments with a beneficial and equally relaxing Aqua Massage. Thank you to The Bronze Adonis Spa for introducing me to these two amazing all natural options for maintaining my good health! Here’s to yours!”

Robin Fulcher – Bangor, ME – June 16, 2016