Ergoline Opensun 550 – Tanning Bed

The Open Sun 550’s unique open air design with its A.R.T. Advanced Reflective Tanning System achieves the highest tanning results and is perfect for clients who dislike the “closed-in” feeling of traditional beds. Air Condition Plus keeps tanners comfortable and the Multi Relax base acrylic has a wide shape and includes an integrated headrest, relaxing armrests and variable footrests.
The Ergoline Open Sun 550’s intuitive control panel is easy to reach and in view of the customer. Facilitating the effortless closing of the canopy is a cockpit grip. In addition, the Open Sun 550 comes equipped with important safety standards. Once turned on, the two high-pressure facial tanning systems will shut off in case any objects fall into, or are placed on those units. The Open Sun 550 also includes a Voice Info function that reminds tanners of this safety feature.

  • 15 Minute maximum exposure schedule
  • Total UV Output In Kj/Min: 87.9
  • 2 A.R.T. 800-watt High-pressure facial tanners
  • A.R.T. Advanced Reflective Tanning UV Technology: Facial Area
  • Glass Reflector With Special Coating: Ultra Technology
  • 45 Ergoline VHP Turbo Power 160-watt UV Lamps
  • Lamp length: 71 inches
  • Reflektor neck tanner
  • Own AC Unit
  • Stereo sound
Open Sun Tanning Bed - The Bronze Adonis Spa

Open Sun Tanning Bed